Flaming Spawn

Another set of toys I got from Puppets War was the Fire Demons set.  I’d hoped to use these as counts-as chaos spawn for my Legion of the Burning Light chaos marine army, the idea being that when a chaos marine becomes overloaded with chaos power, he turns into this towering humanoid pyre as the energy ignites and consumes him.

However, they’re a little smaller than what I envisioned.  They still look pretty damn good, though.

Flaming Chaos Spawn!

Flaming Chaos Spawn!

I’m still going to use them as spawn, but just in my home games.  I’m going to green stuff out the bases and provide a little more flames, and maybe mount the demons on rubble piles for extra height.


The minis come in three parts:  body plus arms (or arm portions).

Demons on the Sprue

Demons on the Sprue

I realized a moment ago that I’m actually lucky – the set as advertsided on the Puppets War site includes only five demons.  If anyone from there is reading, thanks, fellas!  I know it’s a mistake, but I’m really happy to have an extra one of these bad boys.

Cleaning was interesting.  These are the first resin models I’ve ever tried to assemble, and the flash was incredibly fine – almost like tissue paper.  Plus with the incredible amount of surface texturing, the only way I could get it off was by gently scrubbing with a toothbrush.  The good news is that it came off easily.  Frankly, compared with the work I’ve had to put into stripping paint off my second-hand chaos models, this was a breeze.

Assembly so far has been a bit of a challenge.  I’m using Gorilla Glue, and for some reason it is not bonding that well.  I have cleaned and washed the minis to get rid of any extra mould-release agent, and I’m pretty sure none are on the joins.  Unfortunately, this means I’ve had to pin the arms.  As can be seen in the pictures, those are some very slender arms and I’ve had to be very careful with my drilling.  Even a 1mm drill bit is almost too wide.  This has done the trick, though, and the assembled minis so far seem to be solid.  I just need to be careful of the hands – I’ve already lost two finger tips due to my banana-thick fingers and a poor grip while assembling the pinned pieces.

As for scale…  Well, here’s what I mean.

Size Comparison: Chaos Marine and Fire Demon

Size Comparison: Chaos Marine and Fire Demon

An actual chaos spawn is far more massive.  Strangely enough, I’ve been having trouble locating a picture on the Intranet of spawn side-by-side with a mini I have, but even from this comparison, the fire demons are too small for what I want.  I haven’t actually attached any to the bases yet (just pinned for now).  I may raise them on rubble so at least the height will be right.

At any rate, in the end I’m still happy with these purchases.  They’ll be fun to paint, and look damn good on the battlefield.


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