The First Lesson

I have a bad habit of buying miniature games that I never play:  Star Fleet Battles, Deadlands’ The Great Rail Wars, Babylon 5’s Fleet Action, two versions of GDW’s Striker and AD&D Battlesystem from back in the day.  I’m not sure why I do it.  It always starts with the best of intentions, a boatload of enthusiasm and a lot of plotting and scheming.  But at some point, things just… stop.  The reasons are various.  Sometimes it’s a lack of interested players (Gear Krieg).  Sometimes it’s budget (Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader).  Sometimes the game itself doesn’t get the support and disappears (like that Aztec giant robot game… the name escapes me).  This has been going on for the better part of 25 years, and it hasn’t stopped.

I was well aware of this when I decided to get back into Warhammer (both versions) a few years ago.  I was attracted the large range of plastic miniatures and some of the fantastic work being done to convert and paint them.  It’s been a few years of fits and starts.  I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of modifying the miniatures, but I’ve been reluctant to paint anything for fearing of ruining the work I’ve already done (a genuine concern—more on that later).  And I have yet to actually play a game.  Despite all that, I still spent money on the games.  More books, more minis.  Sound ridiculous?  I think so.  I need to either make a commitment to it or stop.

I’ve decided to make the commitment.

And I’ve decided to blog about it, just to keep me honest.  I know that I’m just one of probably thousands of similar blogs, but what I’m bringing is a ground-floor view of this hobby and can hopefully share the lessons that I learn.  I am but a disciple, on a path to enlightenment, fun… and war.

Curriculum Vitae

While I may be inexperienced with wargaming, I’m not stranger to other forms of the hobby.  I got into roleplaying games with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (the one that came out in *cough* 1979).  I’ve gamed almost constantly since then, and even freelanced in the industry for a few years.  I love this hobby, even to the point where some friends and I ran a gaming convention for almost a decade.  Anyone remember Orion?

I’m not as involved as I used to be (curse you, real life!), but I’ve kept a toe in the pool and now I’m looking forward to getting back in.

More Lessons to Learn

So, what’s coming?  I have several articles plotted out at this point, most of which deal with why I’m playing the games I’ve bought and how I’m building my armies for those games.  At some point there might even be some battle reports as I fumble around with the rules.  I’m sure there will be other things to post as opportunities arise.  I’m hoping to have something new each week, scheduled or not.

So come back, visit, see what I’ve learned.  It promises to be an interesting journey.

Never Too Late To Learn

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