Tomb Kings – Not Quite Out of the Box

My Tomb Kings army is nearly assembled.  I still have some priming and painting to do (and when I say “some” I mean “a lot”).  Part of the slow assembly time has been due to some modifications and kit-bashing I’ve done to the army.

Edit:  I added my Masters of Arms and Arrows that somehow I forgot about…

Probably the most work-intensive has been altering the hand weapons to look less Arabic and more Egyptian.

I want to axe you if this is khopesh-cetic.

I Want to Axe You If This is Khopesh-cetic.

It really just involves carving away parts of the blades, but when you’re doing this to 25 foot soldiers, it can take some time.

Marching to War, Egyptian Style

Marching to War, Egyptian Style

The Master of Arms who champions my spear-based unit and the Master of Arrows for my archers also got a little upgrade to make them stand out.

Only the Best for the Champions

Only the Best for the Champions

I also magnetized the riders in the howdah of the Warsphynx.

Magnets in the feet, magnets in the floor.

Magnets in the Feet, Magnets in the floor.

This isn’t strictly necessary, but those long spears stick so far out that transporting this model is going to be a problem unless I can remove the riders.

All Those Points, Just Waiting to Impale

All Those Points, Just Waiting to Impale

Since the Tomb Kings are pretty much all about the magic, I created a model for Khatep, the Grand Hierophant of Khemri.

The Grand Hierophant of Khemri

The Highest of the High Priests

He’s based on Games Workshop’s Cairn Wraith model.  The right hand and most of the staff comes from a Skeleton Warrior standard bearer.  The headpiece and foot of the staff are one of the tail-tip options for the Warsphynx.  I cut it in half, right where the diameter was almost the same as the staff body.  The left hand is from a Skeleton Archer.  The head is one of several head options for a Skeleton Warrior (the ones that came with the kit seem very small).  Just for a little flavour, I also added a small scarab to the base.  I thought about using green stuff to add dessicated skin to the face, but decided against it.

I had to add some weight to the base, as the staff is so tall and so far over to the left of the model that it didn’t take much to knock it over.

Washers for Weight

Washers for Weight

My next – and at this point, final – project for Tomb Kings will be a Necrolith Colossus.  There’s no model for this specifically.  The closest thing on the Games Workshop site is the “Bone Giant,” but I’m not a fan of the model.  Instead, I’m going to build the Colossus out of the leftover parts used to build the Necrosphynx version of the Warsphynx kit.

The Walking Statue of Death - So Far

The Walking Statue of Death – So Far

I’m not sure what I will give it for weapons.  Consensus on the net seems to be a great weapon, some kind of pole arm, due to that lovely ability of getting an additional attack for each successful wound scored on a target.  I may also model a quiver for it, because I like the Bow of the Desert idea of turning this into a mobile ballista.

I currently have nothing for this model from the abdomen down.  I’m not sure what I’m going to use for the rest of the body.  I have given some thought to using clay to sculpt the missing parts, and add in some additional plastic accessories.  My big concern with this is I don’t know how well the hardened clay will take the spray paint base coat.  I don’t want to have bits flaking off every time I touch the model.  I may try a test model first and see how it paints up before attempting the real thing.

More posts coming soon…

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