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I know I’ve been quiet for a while.  Frankly, I’m at a bit of a loss in terms of what to do with my hobby time this year.  I have choices to make…

Uncharted Seas

I love the minis for this game, and I’ve been been slowly painting up my Dragon Lords fleet.  I’ve made two more major purchases, and now can safely say I have enough minis to keep me busy for at least two years.

Pros:  Fleets are smaller.  Paint schemes are (in some cases) simpler.  If I apply myself, I could finish a viable fleet in two months as opposed to half a year.

Cons:  I can’t find any local players for the game.  It’s hard to work on something that I know is just going to sit on a shelf.

Warhammer: Dwarfs

GW is finally updating the Dwarf army book.  It’s only been a decade…  Plus, somehow over the years I have managed to accumulate a little over 2400 points’ worth of units (and that doesn’t include extra options like banners, runes or other special abilities).  That’s a very large force of dwarfs.

I also want to model these dwarfs as appropriate for the desert, so they are not out of place when facing off against my Tomb Kings.  This will involve some conversions, and some green stuff.

Pros:  New army, new challenges.  A good portion already prepared and primed.  I can field a viable army just by painting the primed units.  This allows me to start right away, and the rest of the units can be assembled and primed when the weather gets better.  I won’t be hurting for opponents either, though I don’t see Fantasy played too much at the FLGS.  Plus, dwarfs are the new hotness, so new models, new painting articles, lots of attention from GW.

Cons:  This is a major project along the lines of my Chaos army, possibly even more involved.  Also, there will need to be some conversions to the minis to make them “desert” dwarfs.

Warhammer:  Tomb Kings

I’ve wanted a Tomb Kings army for a long time.  It was one of the things that attracted me to Warhammer initially, and (next to Skaven) is one of the unique armies of this game system.

Pros:  As with the dwarfs, a new army with new challenges.  A portion of this has also been primed, so I can get started right away and prime new units in the Spring.  Also, no conversion is necessary for the desert setting.

Cons:  Another major project.  Plus the models are fragile and I built a lot of them with sub-standard glue.  I’m worried about how well they may hold up for regular painting, let alone regular play.  Repair work could lead to a lot of frustration.

Independent Characters 2014 Hobby Progress Challenge

It took a lot of thinking, but I said no to this year.  Building the Chaos force last year was a lot of work, and there were months were I was simply too busy to do anything.  I fell behind, and I didn’t recover.  Most importantly, it stopped being fun.  I have to admit, although I have five more units to build for this force and more I would like to purchase, I’m having a hard time mustering any enthusiasm to work on this army.  Heck, it’s been almost 9 months since I’ve played this army.

Something Else Completely

I’ve also been wanting to focus on my writing.  I look back on the time I spent painting Chaos last year, and can’t help but think that if I’d spent the time working on my writing I’d be in a better position to start approaching potential publishers.  I was pretty darned devoted, and while in the end I wasn’t happy with the final result I can’t deny I got a lot of work done.


As I said, I have some choices to make.  If I go with the writing, I won’t be abandoning the hobby.  I still find it’s a nice venue to “decompress” after a stressful day.  I will just be posting a lot less.

Never Too Late To Learn

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