What I Did on My Summer Vacation

It’s September, and school’s back in. Time to remedy what was initially a short lapse that turned into… well, essentially the summer off.

I haven’t been idle, ho no. My hobby progress over the summer…

Warhammer 40K

Finally, finally, finally started painting the marines from Black Reach.  The goal is to get 500 points of stuff painted so I can learn how to play with a reasonably painted army.  For AOBR, this pretty much means painting everything except the terminators. I’m keeping the botched priming job on the minis and using these to experiment with techniques.  I figure since they’re ultimately going to be dumped into Simple Green, I may as well take the opportunity to play before wiping the slate (reasonably) clean.  I’m aiming for 500 points since this is the recommended force size for the “Beginner Nights” at the local GW store.

Cripes, it’s hard to believe that with the hours I’ve spent converting and painting that I still haven’t actually played the game.


Primed everything in the old Warhammer Skull Pass set except a couple of the terrain bits like the stone fence. I wanted to add some sand to the base first.

Got me a box o’ Dwarf Thunderers/Quarrelers which I have started to convert into Rangers. I wanted to have a bigger gunline, but a Rangers unit is just too darned useful.

Got me a Goblin Regiment box, but no work on that yet. I’m going to set these up as desert nomads once I get enough bits together.

Got the Storm of Magic as a gift. It’s very pretty. I really want to get a monstrous critter or two, like the dragon. I hope they stay in production long enough…

Finally, best of all: the Tomb Kings batallion. I’ve wanted an Egyptian undead army for ages. It’s really unique, and I totally like the models and the fluff.  Again, given as a gift.  I couldn’t have afforded it otherwise.

The Black Library

Okay, so it’s not exactly hobby-related, but I sent in a submission to BL’s open call back at the end of July. I’m not getting my hopes up – I misread the submission guidelines and wound up scrambling at the last minute to write what they requested. On the other hand, I have three WHFB short stories reasonably complete and general outlines for a WHFB and a 40K novel. The “response” deadline is the end of September, meaning if I haven’t heard back from them by the end of the month I won’t be hearing back from them for this year’s submissions.

Regardless of what happens, it was good practice for me writing-wise and really that’s what I need at this point.

…Though being published would be nice, too.

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