Hobby Challenge – Progress So Far

Here’s a picture of the last Chaos Marine squad, all primed and ready for painting.

Don't They Look Lovely?

Don’t They Look Lovely?

…And here’s a picture of the squad going almost right into Simple Green to strip the primer off.

Green Is The New White

Green Is The New White


Well, it’s because of this.

It's... Fuzzy

It’s… Fuzzy

The primer did not go on evenly.  It did something called “pebbling,” where it partially dries and congeals in the air before it hits the model.  As a result, all the models look like they’ve been flocked.  Possibly a good look if you’re painting your minis as if they are in a snowstorm, but otherwise a bit problematic.

Here’s the culprit.

See The Guilty Look On Its Face?

See The Guilty Look On Its Face?

GW Primer.  I knew the white primer was touchy, and I’ve learned the hard way to make sure that the temperature and humidity are just right before using it.  I did my due diligence when I decided to prime.  The environment was good.  And yet, it still happened.

I think just to make matters worse, this isn’t my first bad experience with GW’s white primer.  I know the guys at the local GW store have no problem making this stuff work, but I simply cannot.

The minis are now as clean as they’re going to get.  They’re drying right now, and then I’ll be putting them back together and trying again.  This time, I have Krylon primer–and I’m going to do something I should have remembered the last time:  Test the @#$%ing paint on a sprue before I use it on my minis.

Washed and Drying

Washed and Drying

By my estimate, this has set my last project back about a week.  I’ll be scrambling to finish it by the end of the month, and considering how long it’s taken me to paint each of the two other squads, I have my doubts about making it.

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