Hobby Challenge October: Fax Castrum

For the last month of the hobby challenge, I will be completing the third “standard” space marine squad.

Fax Castrum - The Makings of Greatness

Fax Castrum – The Makings of Greatness

Obviously I’m not quite as far along as I would like to be at this point.  I wanted to have them primed by now, but as usual I needed to spend my time doing other things in addition to this.

As a note, I did not complete the Chosen over the past two weeks.  I was on the road again, and although the Chosen came with me I didn’t get more than two nights of painting in.

So here’s to a big finish on the hobby progress challenge.  Though I still have two vehicles left–plus the Chosen–it’s still good to have an army I can put on the table.



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