Kayvaan Shrike Conversion

I needed a break from staring at the Stormtalon, so I started piecing together a potential counts-as Kayvaan Shrike model from some Assault Marines and the Space Marine Commander bits.  I don’t want to use the existing model because 1) he’s decked out in Raven Guard iconography; and, 2) he looks like he’s just scored a touchdown at a football game.

Before I get too far, I need to pick a pose…

The Leap Attack

This pose suggests that spring to the final assault.  I’d actually mount him leaning a bit farther forward, maybe adding some rock base to elevate him and anchor the foot a bit more sturdily.

Leading the Charge

This is a bit more of a standard “commander” pose, with one fist in the air.  The other fist is lining up on some target or objective.

I can’t decide.  Any thoughts?

A couple of notes…

The right lighting claw has a fix-mounted bolt pistol (scratch built) between a twin-bladed claw (combat knife blades).  Kayvaan has a bolt pistol in his stats, but darned if I can figure out how he’d shoot the thing if it isn’t part of his armour à la Pedro Cantor.

Most of this figure is just pinned in place for now (or held together with some gummy stuff my wife uses in her art projects).  I’m still a loooong way from being finished…

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