Stormtalon Phase 2: Pre-Assembly

Here it is, the first view of the (partially) assembled Stormtalon.

The Sopwith-Pattern Stormtalon

Sorry about the poor lighting.  It was rather late last night, and I didn’t want to make a full production out of taking a few pictures.  I have to say, it’s amazing how well the main body sections hang together without glue.

For the most part, everything seems to be well-aligned.  I was worried the wings would be crooked after attaching them to the engine pods, but they seem okay.  The autocannon housing, however, is a little off.  I’m a bit miffed I didn’t catch this earlier, but one side is just a touch lower than the other.  I can’t really fix it at this point – I’d have to build a whole new housing.  However, I’m also thinking about building a new pair of autocannons to look more like the old Vickers water-cooled machine guns some biplanes used to carry so I may just leave the housing as it is for now.

Here are some other views.

Under the Chin





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  1. justin says:

    hey paul,it’s justin, with morks blue cheese, i’d love to get one last game in with you before 6’th edition drops. i got a fully painted deathwing army now, and the orks are goin strong to,i pre ordered 6’th ed rulebook, it’s here on the 30’th (i’m sure i don’t have to tell you), and by the way dude that storm talon is fantastic, i can’t wait to see it in Sleep chapter colours.
    “Faith in the God-Emperror”

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