Stormtalon Phase 1.5: A Wing And A… Flare

Here’s a bit of a pictorial update on what I’ve been working on.  It’s not as far along as I had hoped at this point, but a few hours of work tonight should remedy that.

New Wings, All Roughed Out

After seeing pics of some very cool Stormtalon conversions, I’ve decided to up the game on my design.  I had a brainstorm about something I haven’t seen yet, and the biggest step is to replace those wee chicken wings on the engine pods with something… bigger.  These were made out of plasticard and match the thickness of the original wings.  I’ve done an initial round of filing on some edges, and drawn on the basic lines that will be inscribed to show flaps and wing panels.  The rest of the shaving and filing will be done once the wings are attached.

New Autocannon Housing, Magnetized

I’ve also built a new, slimmer autocannon housing that still allows the cannons to tilt.  It’s magnetized, so it not only clips on easily but gets a full 360-degree traverse.

I’m thinking about completely scratch-building a new pair of autocannons.   There’s nothing wrong with the ones that came with the kit, but I have a design in mind that will be a bit more in keeping with the “new configuration” I’m building.  That, however, is something that may come a bit later.

I’ll post more pictures once some assembly has been done.

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